3DStep team


3DStep team

Pekka Ketola, CEO

Pekka is a passionate 3D printing innovator and seeker of new application areas. He looks also after 3DStep’s training, research and association activities.

Read Pekka's blog 3drenesanssi

+358 50 55 34 783



Vesa Kananen, Chief Technology Officer

Vesa is in charge of the operations and development of the 3DStep industrial facility. He has the unique ability to root the technologies of 3D printing in practice and mould them into added value for customers.

Questions connected with manufacturing/technologies.

+358 41 430 2654



Petri Ehonsalo, 3D Printing Engineer

Petri masters the techniques and equipment associated with 3D printing and additive manufacturing. He is in charge of ensuring that the 3D printing industrial facility runs smoothly and the products are made in accordance with the
agreed schedule.

+358 40 077 7553



Tuomo Liukku, 3D Printing Engineer

Tuomo is in charge of 3DStep’s planning and design services. Tuomo has mastered the optimisation of products for 3D printing and ensures that the products conform to the customer’s requirements.

+358 50 321 4698



Amina Nouira, 3D Printing Engineer

Amina is in charge of the plastic printing order delivery chain at 3DStep – from bid calculation to the point when the high-quality parts leave for the customer.