Training and education

Training and education

3DStep offers tailored training events in the utilisation and deployment of 3D printing.

In our training offering, you’ll find all that’s needed – from 3D printing basics to full-scale utilisation. We’ll help you in the development of 3D printing training within the context of your own company or business activities.


3d printing training
Hands on metal AM training at 3DStep

3D printing Training Services for companies and experts

We create a learning path suitable for your company from basics to advanced applications and the organisation to develop 3D printing capabilities. We also provide the necessary resources to conduct practical excercises and experiments.

Our services:

  • Digital 3D printing class: An online course package with 10 lessons about 3D printing together with other students from organisations. From 850€ / person
  • 3D printing seminars and speeches
  • 3D printing solutions for companies: A learning package tailored to the needs of your company including classroom work, hands-on experiments and guided self obtaining data acquisition. From 1500€ / company

Cooperation with educational institutions

3DStep offers co-operation projects related to competence development with educational institutions and universities.

Theses and papers

3DStep is constantly involved in academic research from assignments to dissertations. We have inspiring topics, the desired level of guidance and contacts to the industry all of the world. Just send us a message.

We help you to develop training within your own company or work. Ask more:

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