3D printing – Technologies and materials

3D printing – Technologies and materials

3DStep has the longest and most comprehensive experience in metal additive manufacturing production in Finland. In addition, we do plastic printing using many 3D printing materials for the needs of industry.

Our production facility is located in Ylöjärvi, Finland.

In metal prints, we use the sector’s leading powder bed technologies: SLM Solutions ja EOS.

In plastic products, we mainly use HP ja EOS powder bed technologies. Moreover, we offer an extensive range of SLA and Polyjet materials.

Metal additive manufacturing

SLM 280 HL Twin 280 x 280 x 365mm3

EOS M 290: 250 x 250 x 325mm3

Our own laboratory for quality control

Thermal treatments for products

Machining and finishing

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3d printing materials


Plastic 3D printing

HP Jet Fusion 4200: 380 x 284 x 380mm3

EOS SLS Formiga P100 / FormigaP110 / EOSINT P 396

Max sizes: 340 x 340 x 600mm


  • Dyeing – UV protection
  • Painting
  • Hydrophobic coatings
  • Assembly services

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3D Mapping for your business

We help you to explore the possibilites of 3D printing in your company!  Our service is free of charge and reveals the best options on how to use metal 3D printing in your company. Based on the survey, the development of products and operations can continue based on clear insights, for example as better or new products, tools or spare parts.

3D mapping consists of about 2 hours confidential collaboration between our Chief Technology Officer Vesa Kanan and professionals from the poduct development, purchasing and production office of the customer. The mapping process reviews the customer’s products, components and processes, and analyzes the benefits that 3D printing could bring to these.

3DStep provides a written report of the mapping. Contact us and we will arrange a time:

vesa.kananen@3dstep.fi or +358414302654

We do surveys all over Finland!

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