3DStep Oy’s marketing and newsletter register privacy statement

Personal Data Act (Henkilötietolaki 523/99), section 10
The EU’s general data protection regulation 2016/679
Dates 18/06/2018

1. Registrar

3DStep Oy

2. Name of register

Marketing and newsletter register

3. Person in charge of register matters

Pekka Ketola, 3DStep Oy
Address: Huurretie 9, postal code and locality: FI-33470 Ylöjärvi
Telephone: +358 (0)50 5534783
Email address: pekka.ketola@3dstep.fi

4. Application of register

3DStep Oy uses marketing and newsletter register information for the maintenance of customer relations
and communications as well as marketing purposes. Processing is based on the maintenance of customer
relations, consent of registrants and implementation of the registrar’s entitled benefits.

5. Information content of register

In the register, information necessary in accordance with the application of the register is handled.

Contact information: name, address, email address, telephone number, company or organisation
represented by the person

Other information provided by the customer

6. Information sources

Personal information is mainly gathered from the registrant him/herself in connection with event
notifications, campaigns, feedback and newsletter orders. Other sources of information are various
customer and partner contacts as well as personal sales work. Personal information can be purchased for
one-off marketing use also from external registers.

7. Relinquishment and transfer of information

Information is not relinquished without the permission of the registrant except in a manner sanctioned by
the law and within its obligated limits, or as required by the authorities.

For the handling of tasks compliant with the application of the register, subcontractors may be utilised and
information can be transferred beyond the EU/EEA region if necessary to implement the service. In this
respect, the registrar ensures a sufficient standard of data protection in the manner required by contract

8. Information storage period

The registrar stores data only as long as there is a need from the perspective of the register application.

9. Protection of register

The databases in which the data will be stored are to be technically and physically protected in such wise
that no external parties will have access to them. Access to the data will be held only by those with a need
for this in the handling of working tasks.

10. Right of inspection and rectification as well as the right to delete data

The registrant has the right to cancel his/her newsletter subscription at any time.

The registrant shall have the right to inspect the information stored about him/her in the register, the right
to demand the correction of incorrect personal details, and the right to have his/her information removed
from the register. We will eradicate obsolete and unnecessary data in the appropriate manner.

Requests for inspection, correction or deletion should be sent in writing and signed to the person in charge
of register matters.

11. Right of transfer and prohibition

The registrant will have the right to obtain the personal information concerning her/him that s/he has
supplied to the registrar, in segmented, generally used and mechanically readable format, if the processing
is based on consent or agreement, and the processing is performed automatically.

The registrant has the right compliant with article 18 of the EU’s data protection regulation to limit
handling of the information concerned.

The right of transfer and prohibition will enter into force on 25/05/2018.

12. Instructions

With regard to inspection, correction and/or deletion requests, please get in touch with 3DStep Oy’s
marketing and newsletter register contact person.

13. Revision of privacy statement

The registrar reserves the right to update and change the privacy statement. If the legislation thus
demands, we will inform the registrants of this.