Future Construction 2018

Seminar and workshop (October 30-31, 2018, Tampere, Finland)

Large scale 3D printing is gaining speed in different industries and applications from construction to art and advertising. Future Construction 2018 invites you to experience the latest advances, real projects and to meet the leading innovators.

Seminar (October 30th) is the venue for all interested to learn how you print bridges and houses from different materials, and how large scale 3D printing is applied in emerging areas, such as advertising.

Workshop (October 31th) brings the experts together to collaborate on the new ideas and share learnings. You will get invaluable contacts, learn new possibilities and see the way forward.

Seminar and workshop venue is Tampere-hall, the largest conference centre in the Nordic countries. You may want to visit also the world’s only Moomin Museum, while you are here.



Tuesday 30.10 Future Construction Seminar

The seminar presents the latest cases and application areas with large scale 3D printing. We welcome all stakeholders in all disciplines to learn new and collaborate for the new business. Use the form below to guarantee your seat in the seminar.

9.00 New business, new applications: Pekka Ketola, 3DStep, CEO
9.15 Large scale 3D printing – The Biggest Opportunity: Janne Kyttänenwww.jannekyttanen.com
10.00 Sustainable large scale printing with clay: Rodrigo Aguirre, IAAC – Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Spain
10.45 Coffee & demos
11.30 Fully functional 3D printed steel bridge: Tim Geurtjens, MX3D, co-founder, Netherlands
12.15 Lunch break & demos
13.15 How fast you can print a house with concrete? Jakob Mikael Jørgensen, 3D Printhuset, Denmark
14.00 Leaf Bridge – 3D printed bridge with UPM Formi 3 wood composite: Project Juniper, Finland
14.45 Coffee & demos
15.15 3D printed wood kayak and other wonders with wood composites: Thomas BajerWood Region, Sweden
16.00 Discussion and way forward
16.30 End of the seminar.
16.30 Meet the experts and speakers. Personal meetings.

19.00 Dinner, Hotel Lapland

Wednesday 31.10. Developer Workshop

Large scale 3D printing applications and technologies are now emerging. Practitioners are actively developing new knowledge, insights and best practices. Manufacturing solutions are invented. New industry is being born.

In this workshop we seek to develop common agenda and ways to get globally organized. The outcome of the workshop will be Large Scale 3D Printing Action Plan – a common statement to speed up the technology, competence and business development. This workshop continues the collaborative development started in 2016 (Future Construction 2016 Report).

9.00 Opening. Participant & project introductions
10.00 Needs & opportunities workshop
12.00 Networking & Lunch
13.00 Action plan workshop:

    • Training & learning solutions for large scale 3D printing
    • Expert network for sharing of knowledge, best practises & guidelines
    • Connecting the disciplines, such as art and technology
    • Next steps, events and activities

15.00 Conclusions & actions
16.00 End of the workshop

Participation fees

  • Seminar (30.10): 200€+VAT, including lunch & coffee
  • Workshop (31.10): 100€+VAT, including lunch & coffee
  • Dinner with Lapland style (30.10), Hotel Lapland (optional). 55€ (Buffet + wine/beer/softdrink)


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Event information

Contact: pekka.ketola@3dstep.fi

Venue: Tampere-hall, Street address: Yliopistonkatu 55, Tampere

Airport: Tampere-Pirkkala, airport code: TAM

Community: Join LinkedIn group Future Construction and robotics to stay updated in large scale 3D printing advances

Organizer: Future Construction 2018 is organized by 3DStep Oy, the industrial 3D printing service provider and innovation house. www.3dstep.fi

"Large scale 3D printing provides amazing possibilities for product and service innovations. Due to the short history and fast development pace it is important to experience what's going on, share the advances and collaborate on the emerging opportunities. Future Construction 2018 is essential milestone for building new competences and businesses."

Pekka Ketola, CEO, 3DStep Oy

Bridge maker MX3D

3D printing sparks innovation - Janne Kyttänen

3D Printed House


Sustainable large scale printing