3DStep is a pioneering company in 3D printing. We help our customers to utilise 3D printing in product development and manufacture. Together with our experts, you can find the best ways to learn, experiment, and manufacture products more efficiently, with higher quality, and faster.

Utilising 3D printing requires a change in your thinking

The world needs new kinds of products. Competing over customers knows no geographical boundaries. Mass production has shrunk the margins to almost nothing, and making your products really stand out from the rest is difficult. 3D printing challenges the familiar business models.

Now the competition is about the changing needs of the customer. Success comes from the ability to understand your customers, to create value for them via products and services, and to create new value chains. All this requires a new line of thinking and speed of innovation.

Find out about the changing customer needs. Boldly develop new things. Challenge the old solutions.

Three steps to a new way of thinking

1.LEARN - collect information, get training, create know-how.

2. GAIN INSIGHT - Insight comes from shared ideas and new perspectives.

3. UTILISE - Try things out, test them, and put them to good use! Experiments are a risk-free and cost-efficient way of finding out the benefits of 3D printing.

Services by 3DStep

3D PRINTING: 3DStep is the most advanced private company in the Nordic countries focusing on industrial 3D printing. Among others, we have at our disposal SLM280HL Twin, the most advanced metal printer in Finland. Our other application areas comprise, among others, 3D printing for plastics, foodstuffs, composites, and buildings. Read more about our technologies.

DESIGN: We take part in the design and product development processes. With 3D printing, products can be optimised by incorporating new features, forms, and cost-efficiency. Read more about our design and manufacturing services.

TRAINING: We can train your company to become an expert in 3D printing. It all starts with a novel kind of design. When designing a product for 3D printing - or when optimising an older design - your thinking has to change radically.

Our company’s diverse team includes specialists covering areas such as 3D printing, design, business development, and training. The 3DStep Innovation Centre is located near Tampere, in Ylöjärvi at Huurretie 9, in the old Pilkington industrial hall. Our facility covers even the most demanding needs related to high-quality manufacture, training, and community meetings.

Our team from left to right; Tuomo Liukku 3DPE, Vesa Kananen CTO, Petri Ehonsalo 3DPE, Pekka Ketola CEO, Verna Seppä 3DPE.

Metal 3D-printing, opportunities

CASE: Valmet multi-fuel nozzle

Material: 316L

Design: Valmet Technologies ja 3DSTEP Oy

Manufacturing: 3DSTEP Oy

    • Reliability of the manufacturing process
    • Optimising internal channels --> boosting the end process
    • Longer service life
    • Lower costs for Valmet and the end customer
      • The prototype about 30 % cheaper compared to traditional manufacturing methods

CASE: Avant hydraulic block

  • Original part
    • Weight 2910g, number of parts: 33
  • Optimised part
    • Weight 370g, number of parts: 1
    • Material AlSi10Mg
    • Design: Avant Tecno Oy, 3DSTEP Oy ja Enmac Oy
    • Manufacturing: 3DSTEP Oy
  • Other benefits
    • Optimised hose outputs
    • Filter printed inside the piece
    • Use of space minimised
    • Three weeks from the idea to a physical product!!

CASE: Optimising topology

  • The starting point for hinge design was to make it lighter
  • The hinge’s topology was optimised to stand the appointed load situation
  • Design: Enmac Oy
  • Manufacturing: 3DSTEP Oy
  • Material: AlSi10Mg

CASE: Enhancing cooling

  • The design starting point was to obtain optimal cooling for the liquid flowing through the nozzle
  • The coolant channels were designed to be spiral-shaped and close to the wall
  • Design: Enmac Oy
  • Manufacturing: 3DSTEP Oy
  • Material: AlSi10Mg

CASE: New types of structures

  • The aim was to try out a light and fragile structure that cannot be manufactured by other methods
  • The thin structures can, in certain cases, even be printed on nothing
  • Manufacturing: 3DSTEP Oy
  • Material: AlSi10Mg

CASE: Heat exchanger

  • The design starting point was to maximise the heat exchanger’s surface area
  • Using other methods to manufacture the honeycomb structural elements from one piece is impossible
  • Design: 3DSTEP Oy
  • Manufacturing: 3DSTEP Oy
  • Material: AlSi10Mg

CASE: Mould insert

  • 3D printing enables taking cooling close to the object’s surface
  • Better cooling boosts the injection molding process by cutting down the cycle time
  • Material 1.2709
  • Manufacturing: SLM Solutions GmbH

CASE: Jet turbine

  • 3D printing enables manufacturing complicated prototypes cheaply and quickly
  • Material: Inconel
  • Manufacturing: SLM Solutions GmbH