3DStep in a nutshell


3DStep offers professional complete additive manufacturing services for all industries:

  • Prototypes, products, serial manufacturing
  • Metal AM with SLM 280 HL Twin. Primary materials: 316L,
    AlSi10Mg, 1.2709 Maraging. Also customer specific materials.
  • 3D printing with HP Jet Fusion 4200. Material PA12.
  • Design for AM, product design, design consultation
  • Post processing, heat treatments, laboratory & quality assurance services
  • Technology development & R&D projects with customers
  • Innovation & collaboration services
  • Training solutions for all types of companies
  • Community development and events (3DStep Club)
  • Quotes and orders


In 2012 we explored in Ideascout thinktank what are the Biggest Opportunities for industry transformation and renaissance. It became obvious that 3D printing will have huge impact in the manufacturing industry and many other areas. We decided to invest our time and curiosity in this exciting technology. After four years of acceleration it was time to spin off 3DStep business.

3DStep is private owned startup, established in 2016. 3DStep is the pioneer company to provide industrial scale metal AM services in Finland. Now the company is profitable and growing.

Our mission is to make 3D printing business as usual, in all industries, especially in the Nordic countries. We implement this with three 3D steps with our customers and industrial community:

  1. Get familiar with 3D printing, benefits and examples (Community events, talks, workshops)
  2. Learn & acquire basic and advanced skills (Training, design anfd manufacturing pilots)
  3. Apply 3D printing in R&D and production (manufacturing services)

3DStep customers come from all industries, from multi national manufacturing, engineering and design companies to innovative outliers and startups.


  • 3DStep factory locates in Ylöjärvi, Finland, close to Tampere city.
  • CEO: pekka.ketola@3dstep.fi, tel. +358 50 5534783
  • CTO: vesa.kananen@3dstep.fi, tel. +358 41 430 2654
  • Street and postal address: Huurretie 9, 33470 Ylöjärvi, Door 33.
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Metal AM services, serial manufacturing, several materials

Product development services, prototyping, first products (Case Scouter.fi)

Vertical farming components (Case Evergreen farm)

Technology development (Case Leaf bridge and biomimicry)



3DStep team

Petri Ehonsalo, 3D printing engineer

+358 40 077 7553



Tuomo Liukku, 3D printing engineer

+358 50 321 4698



Amina Nouira, 3D printing engineer